Milling Machine Guards


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Specially designed guards are also available. For expert advice please contact us or complete our enquiry form.

Silvaflame-Cleervue manufactures a comprehensive range of milling machine guards to suit virtually all types and sizes of manual and CNC milling machines both horizontal & vertical including Cincinnati Beaver Mills, and all Bridgeport types. CNC type are fitted with electrical interlock switches.

See Interlock Technical Page.

Milling Machine

  1. Manually Operated Milling Machine Cutter Guard

  2. Universal Turret Millguard

  3. Manually Operated Milling Machine Table Guard

  4. Turret/Bed CNC Milling Machine Guard Hinge Type

  5. Turret/Bed CNC Milling Machine Universal Guard Sliding Type

  6. Horizontal Milling Machine Guard

  7. Universal Milling Machine Guard

  8. Multi Adjust Milling Machine Guard

  9. Adjustable Milling Machine Guard

  10. Horizontal Slide Milling Machine Guard

  11. Safety Cap for Milling Machine Drawbar

  12. TECDUR CNC Replacement Safety Glass