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Turret/Bed CNC Milling Machine Guard Hinge Type

EM Milling Machine Guard

ALL Guards Supplied Red or Yellow Unless Specified

Product Details

  • Machine Type - Turret/Bed CNC.

  • Method of attachment - Is by adjustable parallel rails which are T bolted to table slots allowing the guard to be positioned forward around vice or component.

  • Twin interlock and positive manual latch.

  • Construction - Steel tubular frame and 5mm polycarbonate windows.

  • Type T has additional sliding windows to give access to turret or machine console.

Optional Extras

  • An Infill Swarf Tray is available to reduce the hazard of fallen swarf.

  • Rear Swarf Shield - Helps to contain the flying swarf within the table area and also act as a deterrent against third party intervention from the rear. 

  • Operation - Totally encloses front and side of machine table.                         Rear hinged to give access to complete table area when in open position.

Other Table Lengths are available - Details & Price on application
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