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Polycarbonate has very high impact strength good scratch resistance and is strongly recommended for transparent visors in safety guards, however

it is subject to age hardening

and is degraded by certain

cuttings fluids.

All Vizors should be

entered into a 3yr Replacement Cycle.

All Vizors should be inspected regularly for deterioration or damage and should be replaced immediately to avoid possible failure.


Ancillary components, nuts, bolts and washers are bright zinc plated or chemically treated ensuring a rust free and a good long lasting appearance.


Metalwork & aluminium castings used in our machine safety guards are polyester coated in a textured finish thus distinguishing the guard from

the machine tool.

Technical Specification


Guard model required, type of top fitting and diameter of Non-Rotating Collar or Quill MUST BE STATED.  



You must complete data sheet and return to us when ordering. 



Guard model and type and size of overarm MUST BE STATED.



Neck width of T-Nut MUST BE STATED. Smallest T-Nut 12mm. Largest T-Nut 18mm.  



Guard model, total length of ‘T’ slot and width of ‘T’ slot size MUST BE 

STATED, electrical interlocks are fitted as standard.  



To determine correct mounting, the following formula should be used.

Gross machine weight and tooling, number of mounting points, eg gross machine weight and tooling is 1016 Kgs, with four mounting points.

This is a load of 254 Kgs per mount. Use model 220001.


For additional technical information please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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