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TECDUR CNC Replacement Safety Glass

Product Details

  • TECDUR MachineSafe is a range of CNC machine safety glass.

  • These MachineSafe windows are designed for use in CNC machining centres, lathe, milling and other metalworking machines that require specialist Machine safety windows.

  • TECDUR MachineSafe provides protection of the polycarbonate layer from ageing by using a fully laminated system.

  • By replacing existing CNC vision panels with TECDUR MachineSafe, the potential for downtime is reduced.

  • The vision panels are manufactured to the latest BS EN ISO standards to meet the machine window specification and safety rating.

To accurately quote, we need:

Make and Model of Machine - Window Length, Width and Thickness

Please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Machinery Safety Guards and Safety Accessories

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