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Manually Operated Milling Machine Cutter Guard

Miller Cutter Guard

Product Details

  • Machine Type – Manually operated milling machines

  • Method of attachment – By use of our unique fixing system which allows attachment to the miller head by means of pinch screws/bracket

  • Accommodating heads up to 145mm diameter Spindles up to                 105mm diameter 

  • Construction – Moulded polycarbonate body, with 4mm thick               adjustable visor to Enclose cutter/work area

  • Interlock Switching available - See Interlock Information >>>

  • Additional Safety Accessory is the adjustable Rear Shield which gives 360º enclosure to the Guard and is strongly recommended for ALL Educational Establishments.

ALL Guards Supplied Red or Yellow Unless Specified

Machinery Safety Guards

and Safety Accessories

For additional technical information please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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