Drilling Machine Guards

Silvaflame-Cleervue manufactures a comprehensive range of drilling machine guards to suit virtually all types and sizes of bench and pedestal drilling machines such as Startrite, Herbert, Pollard, FOBCO. These are available with or without electrical interlock systems.

Bespoke drill guards are also available.

BT Image Group.jpg

1. Small Bench or Pedestal Drilling Machine Telescopic Guard

MT Image Group.jpg

2. Medium Bench & Pedestal

Drilling Machine Guards

LRT Image Group.jpg

3. Light/Heavy Radial Drilling Machine

Side Opening Guard 


4. PTR 02 Radial Drill Guard


5. PTR 20/300 Radial Drill Guard


6. PTR 04 Small-Medium Drill Guard

BP1 Photo.jpg

7. Light Bench or Pedestal

Drilling Machine Guard - by Machine Make

BP2 New 2013.jpg

8. Medium Bench or Pedestal

Drilling Machine Interlock Guard


9. Heavy Pedestal Drilling Machine Interlock Guard Multi-spindle

SV Guard.jpg

10. Universal Drill Guard - SV Type

TV Guard.jpg

11. Universal Drill Guard - TV Type

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