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Heavy Pedestal Drilling Machine Interlock Guard Multi-spindle

BP3 Machine Guard

Product Details

  • Machine Type - Heavy/Pedestal

  • Method of attachment - Side fixing or attaches to back pillar

  • Positive manual latch or interlocked

  • Side opening

  • Construction - mild steel with polycarbonate vizor adjustable to suit machine depth stop bracket

  • Operation - remains stationary allowing depth stop collar and chuck to pass through length adjustable vizor

  • Special made to measure size BP-3 available

  • Type of pillar - Herbert or Pollard

  • Dimension of slot or dovetail

  • Manual or interlocked

  • Interlock Switching available - See Interlock Information >>>

ALL Guards Supplied Red or Yellow Unless Specified

For additional technical information please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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