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Slotting Machine Guard

Slotting Machine Guard

Product Details

  • The guard protects from direct frontal contact with moving parts and the projection of debris and coolant.

  • The guard is reversible and can be mounted to either side of the machine.

  • Adaptability to your machine is guaranted as the screen is height adjustable.

  • Equipped with a completely transparent monolithic shield, made using top quality polycarbonate ensuring excellent visibility and "shockproof" resistance. 

  • We can tailor make brackets, mounts and modify standard guards as required. 

  • Does not restrict production and ensures maximum safety. 

  • Complete with safety micro-switch conforming to EN 1088. 

  • Machine guards are in conformance with P.U.W.E.R (1998) regulations and come with a certificate of conformity.

For additional technical information please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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