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Emergency Stop Switches

Industrial Foot/Palm Switch

Industrial Foot/Palm Switch.

IP67, UL & CSA Approved.1 N/O, 1 N/C contacts (10A). Latching.

Telescopic Antenna Switch

Telescopic Antenna Switch.

The trip switch is designed to offer protection to operators of radial drilling machines & similar exposed potentially dangerous equipment.

Foot Operated Trip Switch - F12

Foot Operated Trip Switch - F12.

This Compact Foot Switch is intended for Smaller Machines such as Drills, Grinders, Polishers and small Milling Machines.

Switch Post

(please ask for more information).

Enables positioning of an “E Stop Switch” to any preferred working area at knee or hand height.

Switch Post

Foot Operated Kick Plate Trip Switch - KP150.

A Larger Kick Plate Switch suitable for Larger Machines such as Lathes, Bending Rolls, Cylindrical Grinders & Milling Machines.

Foot Operated Kick Plate Trip Switch - KP150
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