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Emergency Braking Systems

Product Details

QS10 units are suitable for dual wound, D.O.L. motors.


Supply Voltage:

  • From 240 volts single phase to 415 volts 3 phase 50 Hz.


Standard Models:

  • QS2: For motors up to 3 h.p. (2.2kW) D.O.L. 3 phase or up to 0.75 h.p. (0.55kW) single phase.

  • QS5: For motors up to 7.5 h.p. D.O.L. 3 phase or up to 1 h.p. single phase.

  • QS10: For motors up to 10 h.p. (7.5kW) D.O.L. 3 phase or up to 2 h.p. (1.5kW) single phase.

The Quickstop DC injection braking unit provides a rapid or controlled stop every time the tripping device is activated. This could be a trip switch, stop button or any device which opens its contact when operated.


The Electronic D.C. injection units have a 240V control circuit.

The Transformered D.C. injection units have a 110V control circuit.

The device works by cutting the A.C. supply to the electric motor and then injecting D.C. into the motor windings. This causes a magnetic field in the stator that causes the rotor in the motor to stop.


Our range comprises of two types - a transformer rectifier type and/or an electronic device style.


For rapid stop that is required for a radial drill - the transformer rectifier type is recommended because it has a quicker response time. For most other applications - the electronic units are normally suitable.


For additional technical information please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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